Water - one of the 21st century's biggest challenges

Climate changes and scarcity put pressure on water resources. To reverse this development requires collaboration across fields of expertise, behavioural changes and political reforms.

Planning and Urban Design
Our approach

We address global and local challenges and develop sustainable solutions across borders and fields of expertise.

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With close to 300 Offices in 35 countries, we combine local experience with a global knowledge-base. Our office in Romania is located in Bucharest.

15,500 employees

We employ 15,500 experts and have a significant presence in Northern Europe, India and the Middle East. In Romania, we have 80 employees.

Revenue of EUR 1.4 billion

2016 was a satisfying year in terms of performance and for the first time Ramboll delivered revenue of EUR 1.4 billion.

Ramboll at a glance

Ramboll in Romania

Ramboll in Romania
Phoenicia Business Centre
11A Turturelelor street, Building C, 8th floor
Sector 3, Bucharest 030881
Tel:+4021 232 0182
Fax:+4021 232 1889

Mail: RambollSEE@ramboll.com

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