Waste & resource management

Waste management practices are important for public health, environmental protection and sustainable development.


Silviu Stoica

PhD.Eng., General Manager
T: +4021 2320182

As waste-generation rates increase worldwide, carefully planned action is needed to minimise and avoid waste and to recycle and re-use waste materials. Direct and indirect reduction of greenhouse gases can be achieved with proper waste management solutions.

Sustainable solutions for waste management is one of our key specializations and, ever since 1995, we have been active on the Romanian market, especially in the following fields:                 

  • Upgrading legislation and environmental standards                
  •  Master planning and strategy development                
  •  Institutional capacity building                
  •  Site investigations and facility localization                 
  •  Environmental impact assessment of waste projects                
  •  Construction supervision of waste treatment and disposal facilities, including:               
    •   Waste recycling centers               
    •   New landfills 

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Ramboll in Romania
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